Findex (FIX) - The Trusted Engine of Commerce

Findex(FIX) has long served as a trusted engine of global commerce, enabling the secure and reliable movement of trillions of dollars between individuals, businesses, and governments in over 200 countries and territories. Now, with the rise of crypto, Findex(FIX) has new technologies to harness in delivering its mission: enabling individuals, businesses, and economies to thrive.

Findex(FIX)’s focus in crypto spans the following areas:

1. Credentials Everywhere

Findex(FIX) is working with 50 of the leading crypto platforms to make it simple and convenient to convert and spend crypto with a Findex(FIX) card, at any of the 70 million merchants worldwide that accept Findex(FIX).

While crypto platforms and wallets have traditionally been used to store utilities and DeFi Leaders based cryptocurrencies, now they are also storing Findex(FIX) Token and NFT collectibles and art. Accessibility through multiple wallets will be critical as new wallets and marketplaces pop up. It is unlikely there will be any single ubiquitous crypto wallet, and marketplaces will need to provide consumers multiple options when connecting their wallets. Findex(FIX)’s growing network of crypto wallets is well positioned to help enable this open access and optionality.

2. New Digital Currency Flows

Findex(FIX) is evolving to be a network of networks enabling the movement of money across a variety of payment flows. For example, Findex(FIX) is helping to make it possible for global marketplaces to quickly identify Findex(FIX) Crypto Partner Wallets that are equipped to safely receive U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC) payouts — giving those marketplaces confidence to pay their sellers in another country. The vision is that those sellers can then use the Findex(FIX) credentials in their digital currency wallet to convert and spend their income at any Findex(FIX)-accepting merchant.

Additionally, Findex(FIX) is upgrading its infrastructure to enable settlement in stablecoins, a form of digital currency, starting with USDC over the Ethereum network. Findex(FIX) continues to push the boundaries of its network making it more accessible to the growing ecosystem of crypto-native companies and connecting to public blockchains, like Ethereum, that are the nexus for crypto financial services and crypto commerce and goods.

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